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Welcome to Add-It Systems Inc.

Add-It is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has been in business for over 33 years. We are a manufacturer of high quality desk tools and accessories for organizations that require a customer service area. A place where the customer can easily find and fill out the necessary forms/applications and/or cheques.

Banking institutions, license bureaus, Insurance agencies, Colleges, Universities and Government Agencies are just a few of the many organizations that are currently using our product line.

For a more detailed look at our product line and to see how you can benefit by using Add-It products, please take some time to visit the products section of our site.

Check back with us here often for new product information and updates.



Our website was developed first and foremost to introduce Add-It and our growing product line to the global market. We then wanted to provide this market with a simple way to locate and aquire our products for themselves.

The site will also be an integral part of developing new markets, making our product line available in more and more places and adding new members to our growing network of distributors. Providing these members with on-line product updates, information and detailed descriptions of our complete line.

If you have any questions about us, our product line or anything else, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                             Mr. Sandy Milne